Do any of these describe you?

Are you a person who wants to live a more authentic life, but are struggling with issues that keep you stuck or repeating old patterns?
• Do you feel chronic sadness, grief, anger, or worry?
• Do you experience feeling trapped, uneasy, or have difficulty making decisions?
• Are your relationships troubled or unsatisfying?
• Are you a psychotherapist or health professional who wants to learn a body-centered approach to enriching your practice with your unique gifts?

Would You Rather Feel...

Aligned with who you truly are, experiencing more joy, relatedness, and flow?
• Comfortable in your body, more open to new ways of improving your well being?
• More connected to the people in your life, and have relationships that thrive over time ?
• More successful in your professional and personal life as you continue to listen to yourself and act from your authentic center?

“Estimates are that one-third of adult females and one-fourth of adult males in the USA were sexually abused as children. 91% of adult victims who are sexually assaulted/raped are female and 81% of females who are assaulted report having significant short term or long term impacts such as PTSD. The survivors of these multilayered wounds suffer, often for a lifetime, without healing intervention. Now cutting edge holistic Energy Psychology therapies allow people to heal more gently and rapidly than ever before. No longer must victims of sexual assault or child abuse suffer in silence, avoid therapy for fear of the emotional pain, or suffer extensively in years of talk therapy to make progress. With 21st century technology, advanced brain/mind science, and the ability to change self-defeating beliefs in the subconscious mind, amazing healing can occur.”


There are so many approaches to healing and every person is unique. One form of treatment may be better for someone than another. Take a look at some of the treatment methods,such as EMDR, that Susan likes to apply in her practice.


Susan Brunson has 30+ years working with trauma and healing trauma patients no matter how severe or long ago. Take a look at Susan’s list of special interests and who she caters to, to get a better understanding of why she is the professional for you.

Professional Speaking

On top of healing others privately, Susan Brunson is a professional public speaker and coach on the John Maxwell Team. If you would like to inquire about her speaking services, follow the link below.

Reaching Out

The first step is almost always the hardest, reaching out and getting help. Don’t let fear stop you from the freedom that Susan Brunson can help bring back to you. If you are ready to be set free, send a message or give us a call by following the link below.

“We live in an amazing time of new knowledge in brain science and behavioral health which provides us with cutting edge skills in helping people recover and heal from emotional distress. With awareness that Depression is the leading disease on the planet, and Anxiety issues affect a majority of the population at some time in their lives, counseling professionals encourage people to seek objective compassionate help when needed.”

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